Daniel Epega, Experienced Rock Climber, On Nutrition for Climbers: Keys to a Healthy Ascent



Daniel Epega

Daniel Epega is an environmental consultant working primarily with clients in the manufacturing industry. After receiving his B.S. in Environmental Science, Mr. Epega got his feet wet in the public sector as an analyst with several regulatory agencies in Brazil. His sharp eye for solution-based enforcement attracted attention from corporate clients and within three years, he was able to bring his expertise to the private side.

Daniel Epega’s unique insights regarding code creation and enforcement have allowed him to streamline compliance procedures for many manufacturers, primarily by transforming often-clumsy protocol structures into efficiency measures. Rooted in the firm belief that businesses can grow within the environment instead of against it, Mr. Epega’s methodology has surprised many clients long accustomed to seeing environmental regulation as an obstacle.

When he’s not on-site or in the office, Daniel Epega loves practicing yoga outdoors. Over the past two years, he has been training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher and hopes to bring movement work into his day job by offering classes to his co-workers. According to Mr. Epega, inefficiency is usually caused by lack of awareness that can be easily remedied by body consciousness.

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